Jeffrey A. Bell – Research

Below is a selection of some of my recent work, including what I am currently working on. Feel free to contact me with comments or questions – schizosoph (at) gmail (dot) come.

Work in Progress

In this essay I take seriously Sartre’s claim that he wanted to be both Spinoza and Stendhal, looking in this essay at Spinoza in particular. Although Sartre may not be thought to be a rationalist, if we rethink the nature of rationalism and grounding in terms of problematic Ideas we can see that Sartre was indeed moving towards a particular form of rationalism. This form of rationalism is what I call existential rationalism.

Published Papers

This essay develops some of the ideas from my Towards a Critical Existentialism (forthcoming). I argue that Camus and Sartre were implicitly developing a notion of problematic Ideas. Most notably, I argue that they were working with a paradoxical notion of sense whereby meaning is both differentiating and dedifferentiating.

This is my contribution to a collection of essays on Hume, The Humean Mind, published by Routledge.