Deleuze Studies Conference, New Orleans 2012

Deterritorializing Deleuze

June 25-27, 2012

Deleuze Camp

June 18-22


As the person heading up the Deleuze Studies Conference in New Orleans in June, 2012, I will use this page to disseminate information and to answer questions; or engage in the give and take that inevitably will come as the date draws closer. In the meantime, be sure to attend the 2011 Deleuze Studies Conference in Copenhagen (click here for more information).

The convention and visitor’s bureau website has lots of relevant information about New Orleans for those planning their trips to the conference.

7 thoughts on “Deleuze Studies Conference, New Orleans 2012

  1. Pardon my difficulty in finding the topoi of the New Orleans conference… but is there a concept, personae that the event will gravitate around, as Beckett in Dublin…?

  2. Krv,
    There is no topoi planned as yet for the New Orleans conference. The Deleuze Studies Conference is a rather large affair and thus unlike the smaller, more theme-focused conferences on Deleuze, such as the one on Beckett in Dublin you mentioned, we will not be looking for papers on a particular theme related to Deleuze. Each year there is a different title for the conference, but the title is not meant to limit the range of Deleuze-related proposals. If you have work on Deleuze you’d like to present in New Orleans, we’ll have a call for papers about this time next year and we’d be happy to have your proposal. As for samples of the papers from the Amsterdam conference, I do not believe they will be made available online. However, if you are interested in a particular paper you saw on the schedule, I would imagine the presenter would be more than happy to email you a copy. I Hope this helps.

    • Hi Kai
      There will be a website up for the 2012 conference and camp soon after the completion of this year’s camp and conference in Copenhagen. For more on this year’s camp, click here to get to the Deleuze Studies 4 conference website, and then click on announcements for information regarding the camp (though there is not much there since it has not been updated since late last year). If you have any other questions about this year’s camp, you should contact the administrators which is available at the website I linked you to above.

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