Deleuze Studies Conference 2012

Now that the Copenhagen conference is finished, and Bent and his team did an excellent job putting on this year’s conference, it’s time to begin thinking about the 2012 conference in New Orleans.

The title/theme of the conference is “Deterritorializing Deleuze,” not Aberrant Monism, as some have come to think since the announcement for the conference in Copenhagen titled it as Aberrant Monism, though this is only my blog where I’ve had a page dedicated to the conference. When I return to the states at the end of the month I’ll launch a website dedicated just to next year’s conference, separating it entirely from my blog.

With the theme of deterritorializing Deleuze, one is left with many ways in which one can write a relevant paper. The point is one of attempting to think Deleuze beyond Deleuze, or to use Deleuze and Deleuzian concepts in ways that are in the spirit of Deleuze (and Guattari let us not forget), and hence engage with Deleuze’s work, while at the same time pushing Deleuze Studies in different directions.

When the new site is up I’ll post a link to it here. In the meantime, if anyone has any questions, feel free to contact me – jbell (at) selu (dot) edu.

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