Bye Bye Middle Class

22 Statistics That Prove The Middle Class Is Being Systematically Wiped Out Of Existence In America.

Although this link doesn’t do much more for me than to validate what I already know, it nicely puts all the stats into one spot so that I can come back to them. Not coincidentally, I would add, the number of tenure and tenure track jobs has been cut in half over same 35+ year period  these statistics track. The decline of tenure was pointed out in this Chronicle of Higher Ed story a few weeks back.

One thought on “Bye Bye Middle Class

  1. You have a skill that I actually want to benefit from. I’m being serious.

    In the process of bootstrapping/seeding my process I need a way to continue exchanging information freely and at minimal cost (very little above ISP cost) but at the same time I fear if we do not claim a portion of that economic flux we will have nothing when they are done with us.

    So for the purpose of creating economic activity that T.H.E.Y. must calculate into their schemes, people need to use some competing currency. While trading freely allows amazing community building, when they come with a rhetoric which denies the existence or worse substance of any activity we will have no answer not even for their potentially teachable acolytes.

    This is the dark matter/magic of politics. There is an inherent “inertial” quality to any activity. If I am doing this, I am not available for that. But when it can be quantified it makes it easy to project that I am not even interested in activity not quantified within a certain range of value. The trouble with costless exchange is that it is invisible.

    The unspoken language of action is the key to putting an end to this economic abuse.

    I have a community currency on How do we begin?

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